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Electrocharge™ is an electrolytes supplement that has been formulated for the use in working and sporting dogs. Its use is most important during events when dehydration is a major factor, especially in warmer weather conditions. Electrolytes are minerals that are lost through perspiration or other forms of dehydration, particularly in heat stress situations. Under normal conditions adequate levels of electrolytes are available in muscle tissue to keep them functioning normally. Perspiration depletes cells of fluids along with electrolytes and weakens the muscle tissue. Within minutes of feeding Electrocharge™, proper electrolyte levels are achieved. The effects of dehydration and electrolyte loss are overcome. In addition to minerals Electrocharge™ also contains Glucose and Sorbitol, which act as a source of readily and easily absorbed energy. They help to speed up the recovery from post exercise muscle fatigue.


This product comes in an easy to use liquid. Contains 25 individual doses.

  • Manufactured by: Aquamid

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