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Skijoring Belt PRO

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This belt features a quick release (a "panic snap") required by IFSS and other race organizations.

This lightweight yet sturdy Skijoring Belt is made from compressed, porous, water-resistant material and ensures good extended pulling power. It is recommended to fasten the belt around the hips in order to limit pressure on stomach muscles. Our "step in" belt features a unique "lowered pull force" design that helps to distribute the pull force to only the hip area covered by the belt as well as the buttocks. This eliminates pressure on the spine. Careful adjustment of the buttocks straps will bring the "lowered pull force" into play. Once the belt is properly fitted, the excess straps can be trimmed.

Our belt features a practical back pocket. The side loops on the belt are simply for clipping things on to (for example a neckline, a dog poop baggie holder, a set of keys or any other small object). Nothing heavy should be attached to those loops.

Leg straps are removable. One size fits all. The belt comes in black color only. Features reflective tape.

IMPORTANT! We do not recommend the use of a quick release to beginners as any unwanted release might result in an accident.

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