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$45.00 USD



Are you and your dog going to represent the United States in an international event? Or are you simply proud to be an American? Let your dog showcase American colors! Our Patriot features an identical design to our Tough Skin Harness. This harness is intended for activities where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog's back, including skijoring, canicross, bikejoring, scootering, and occasional sledding.

Receive a free Howling Dog Alaska keychain with every Patriot purchase.

How to measure for a proper harness fit: Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back, then compare that measurement to the sizing chart. If the neck size and suggested weight don’t match, go with the bigger harness to ensure the body strap won't sit too close to the dog's armpits.


  •  S 18.5-19 inches (40 - 49 lbs.)
  •  M 19.5-20 inches (50 - 59 lbs.)
  •  L 20.5-21 inches (60 - 69 lbs.)
  •  XL 21.5-22 inches (70 - 79 lbs.)
  •  XXL 22.5-23 inches (80 - 89 lbs.)


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This harness is exchangeable (returnable) in the same manner as our other harnesses (see Shipping & Returns). However, due to the nature of the material this harness is made out of, dog hair will stick to it more than to any other harness we carry. Therefore if the harness is not *completely* free of dog hair when sent back to us for exchange/return, the exchange/return request will be denied without refunding the purchase.

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