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Skijoring Line PRO

$12.50 USD $25.00 USD



SINCE OUR REGULAR 1-DOG SKIJROING LINE IS SOLD OUT, WE DON'T WANT TO LEAVE YOU WITHOUT ANY OPTIONS. We have some prototypes of the Skijoring Line PRO on hand. These lines are fully functional. The only difference is, that unlike in illustrational the photo, the bungee is located closer to the dog, rather than the person. We are offering this line at 50% off.

This Skijoring Line PRO is an extremely durable pulling line with a built-in shock absorber. Used for skijoring and for canicross.

As required by the International Federation of Sled Dog Sports (IFSS) and other race organizations, this line does not have a snap on the skijorer's / runner's end. The snap is replaced with a small loop, which attaches directly to a belt with a quick-release (use our Skijoring Belt PRO) or to a belt with a hook (Scandinavian design).

The line is about 8 ft. long before stretching and 9 ft. long after stretching. It is made out of 1-inch wide tubular webbing and features a heavy-duty bronze snap. Yellow color only.

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