• Hands Free Package - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Hands Free Package - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Hands Free Package
  • Hands Free Package

Howling Dog Enterprises

Hands Free Package

$102.60 USD

lite blue


This is the ONLY way to comfortably walk a pulling dog! Wear a sturdy belt with back support and let your dog wear a comfortable padded harness. Connect the dog to the belt by a line with a built-in shock absorber. Walk your dog hands-free! No strain on your arms and hands! You will love it!

This is an ideal set up for hiking with your dog. Should you prefer a belt without leg straps, you can also use this belt/line/harness combo for both canicross and skijoring.

This discounted package includes our best-selling Distance Harness, Skijoring Line, and our Trekking Belt. Value of $114.00.

Red and Pink harness will be matched with a red line. Blue, Green and Lite Blue harnesses will be matched with a yellow line.


How to measure for a proper harness fit: Measure the circumference of your dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back, then compare that measurement to the sizing chart. If the neck size and suggested weight don’t match, go with the bigger harness to ensure the body strap won't sit too close to the dog's armpits. 


  • XXS 14 inches (20 - 29 lbs.)
  • XS 17 inches (30 - 39 lbs.)
  • S 18-19 inches (40 - 49 lbs.)
  • M 20 inches (50 - 59 lbs.)
  • L 22 inches (60 - 69 lbs.)
  • XL 23-24 (70 - 79 lbs.) inches
  • XXL 25 inches (80 - 99 lbs.)
  • XXXL 26 inches (100+ lbs.)

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