• Leash with Bungee - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Leash with Bungee - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Leash with Bungee - Howling Dog Alaska

Howling Dog Enterprises

Leash with Bungee

$25.00 USD



This leash is made out of customized, eye-catching Howling Dog webbing. The leash is fitted with bungee and it is an ideal leash for walking dogs which are pulling. The built-in bungee will help to absorb shocks from your dog unexpectedly "jerking" you around. Your arm will definitely thank you for it! The leash is made out of one-inch wide tubular webbing and it measures about 5 1/2 feet unstretched. It features a strong bronze snap.

Our Leash with Bungee makes an ideal canicross (jogging) line. It is constructed in an identical way as our Skijoring Line, but it is shorter (shorter length is often desired by runners). It only features one snap on one end (unlike the Skijoring Line, which features two snaps – one on each end). The end of the leash can be held in hand or it can be looped through the ring on a belt. Adding a carabiner between the leash and a belt is also an option. Some belts include a hook and this is an ideal leash/line to hook to such belt.

Black/red pattern & black/yellow pattern.

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