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$20.00 USD



Eliminate snowballs on your dog's legs!

Our leggings are made out of a top-quality, durable, windproof, and snow repellent material. Leggings are mostly used while running/walking through deeper or fresh snow. The use of leggings on the dog's front legs prevents the snow from "balling up", creating ice balls and rubbing the dog's legs. In dogs running long-distance races, the leggings protect against "chicken leg." The injury occurs when the dogs run through snow that sticks to the back of their legs. It balls up and pulls the hair out, leaving raw spots that are prone to infection. However, our leggings are also ideal for pet dogs, whose owners are trying to keep them warm, and for gun dogs hunting in rough terrain.

Leggings make a great combo with our Protector Booties. They are also a desired addition to wear with our Hybrid Running Jacket.

One size fits all (medium to medium-large dogs). 

Dimensions: 3 inches wide, 11 inches tall

Price is per pair of leggings (two pieces).

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