• Nutrazinc® 32 oz. - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Nutrazinc® 32 oz. - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Nutrazinc® 32 oz. - Howling Dog Alaska

Howling Dog Enterprises

Nutrazinc® 32 oz.

$51.00 USD



Nutrazinc® is a proven nutritional supplement for working dogs (sled dogs, hunting dogs, and herding dogs).

This amazing supplement is the most economical source of dietary zinc available on the market.

Nutrazinc® has been successfully used by many top mushers and top breeders for years. Feeding Nutrazinc® helps to promote tougher feet and healthier coats in dogs. Its use reduces the occurrence of splits and cracks in-between toes, as well as nail breakage. Supplementing Nutrazinc® to show dogs will help to keep their coat in top condition. Furthermore, Nutrazinc® should be fed on a daily basis to dogs suffering from zinc deficiency, a common condition in northern breeds. Signs of zinc deficiency (zinc-responsive dermatitis) can also be observed in other breeds being fed low-quality "supermarket" types of dry food.

The 32 oz. jar is recommended for medium to large size kennels. The 32 oz. jar will last a 30 dog kennel approximately 3 months. Contains approximately 3552 individual doses.

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