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Howling Dog Alaska

Padded Collar

$13.00 USD



This is a heavy-duty semi-choke / semi-slip style collar, an upgrade from our older, lighter weight Padded Collar. The collar is made out of one-inch wide webbing and features a sewn-on reflective strip for increased nighttime visibility. The padding style is durable closed-cell padding.

Our Padded Collar is very easy to put on & very easy to take off. It slides effortlessly over the dog's head. Once on the dog, the collar tightens up as the dog pulls on the leash but will never choke the dog.

Does your dog go "naked" at home? Do you only put your dog's collar on when going outside? If so, this brilliant collar is for you! The collar is padded for added comfort; it is a great collar for dogs with short hair and/or sensitive neck. The Padded Collar works well for wiggle "Houdini" dogs. Suitable for use with BTL.

Our Padded Collar is a great alternative for a Martingale style collar. Matching leash available.

Tip for sled dogs: Chained up dogs will “curl up” in their dog house in the wintertime to go to sleep, resulting in the snap on the end of the tie-out touching the ear, often freezing to the thin tissue. The use of our padded semi-choke collar minimizes the occurrence of frostbite in sub-freezing temperatures on the ears of such dogs (especially pointers and pointer crosses) by bringing the snap and the chain further away from the dog's head.


Sizes (neck circumference):

  • XS (13 inches)
  • S (14.5 inches)
  • M (16 inches)
  • L (17.5 inches)
  • XL (19 inches)
  • XXL (20 inches)

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