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Howling Dog Enterprises

Wheel Dog Harness

$30.00 USD



We have designed this unique x- back style harness to relieve pressure off the dog’s hips while pulling.

This harness is longer than the usual x-back harness, therefore relieves pressure off the dog's back without sacrificing the dog’s pulling power. A ring on each side of the harness allows the rear section of the harness to move up and down as the dog runs.

Our Wheel Dog Harness is an excellent harness choice for any dog running in wheel in the front of a sled with a low gangline attachment. But its use is not limited to wheel dogs only. This harness can be used on any dog in a team. For better overall health of dogs, we recommend rotating regular x-back harnesses and Wheel Dog Harnesses on all dogs in the team. The Wheel Dog Harness is also suitable for weight pulling, and tire training. It is an ideal harness for kick sledding or pulling a kid's sled (or any other situation with a low tow line attachment).

The unique design of our Wheel Dog Harness is going to give your team more power. Dogs will be running straighter. No more crabbing, no more running sideways. Plus this harness will stay centered on the dog's body, no more harness turning and twisting, no more underarm rubbing!

The Wheel Dog Harness is made out of 1-inch wide lightweight Howling Dog exclusive webbing. Closed-cell padding extends along the harness's entire length for added comfort. The harness features reflective stickers

Fitting tips: Do not size the harness too long! The harness should be only slightly longer than the dog's body (when stretched). It needs to be long enough to "free" the dog's pelvis. The metal rings should sit at the groin area.

Measurement "A": The circumference of the dog’s neck from an inch or so above the shoulder blades to an inch or so above the breastbone and back

Measurement "B": From in between the shoulders to the end of the body


S: A 17 inches, B 20 inches (40 - 49 lbs.)

M: A 18 inches, B 22 inches (50 - 59 lbs.)

L: A 19 inches, B 24 inches (60 - 69 lbs.)

XL: A 21 inches, B 26 inches (70 - 79 lbs.)

XXL: A 23 inches, B 28 inches (80 - 89 lbs.)

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