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Howling Dog Enterprises

Denim Booties

$20.00 USD $25.00 USD



Our Denim Booties are so irresistibly cute! There are only for the smallest dogs out there. An eye-catching design featuring a lace-up style and durable rubber sole. Upper denim part is lined with soft fabric for added comfort.

 Always make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed before fitting a bootie.

To ensure a proper fit, you might want to go with a bootie one size larger than your dog's foot measurements.

HOW TO MEASURE: Trace the paw on paper with a pencil or with a marker. Measure the widest part of the foot then. Use a front foot to take the measurement.



XXS, #1:  Width: 1 inch Length: 1.5 inches

XS, #2:  Width: 1 ¼ inch Length: 1 ¾ inches

S, #3:  Width: 1.5 inches Length: 2.0 inches

M, #4:  Width: 1 ¾ inches Length: 2 ¼ inches

L, #5:  Width: 2.0 inches Length: 2.5 inches

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