• The Spotter™ - Howling Dog Alaska
  • The Spotter™ - Howling Dog Alaska
  • The Spotter™ - Howling Dog Alaska
  • The Spotter™ - Howling Dog Alaska

Howling Dog Enterprises

The Spotter™

$35.00 USD




  • Hunting
  • Hiking
  • Cold weather protection

Our Spotter™ is an ideal chest protector/vest for hunting dogs. Every dog will stand out in the field and will be easily spotted! Our Spotter™ is also an ideal chest protector/vest for the dogs of all the hiking enthusiasts out there. Always know where your dog is! Choose the orange color and make your dog highly visible (and safe) during fall hunting season. This protective vest can also be used as a cold weather chest protector for pretty much any active dog. Fashion statement, anyone?

The Spotter™ is very comfortable and it will move with the dog. It is made out of durable yet soft windproof fabric. Its windproof property is a must during windy and cold fall hunts. The fabric is also snow repellent. Orange color features a water-repellent finish.

Due to the relatively tight fit, a dog’s sensitive chest and rib cage stay fully protected. 

If using a harness, harness goes OVER the protective vest.

Hunting dogs: For field work only (not suited for work in underbrush).



•S (for a dog of the weight of 35 - 45 lbs.)

•M (46 - 57 lbs.)

•L (58 - 69 lbs.)

•XL (70 - 85 lbs.)

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