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Howling Dog Enterprises

Mesh Booties

$20.00 USD



Our Mesh Booties are lightweight, soft and breathable. They are ideal for long summer evening walks or for protecting dog’s sensitive feet from hot pavement or hot sand. Our Mesh Booties features zipper and Velcro closure, and durable rubber sole. Price is for a set of four booties.

Always make sure your dog’s nails are trimmed before fitting a bootie.

To ensure the proper fit go with a bootie one size larger than your dog's foot measurements.

HOW TO MEASURE: Trace the paw on paper with a pencil or with a marker. Measure the widest part of the foot then. Use a front foot to take the measurement.



 XXS, #1: Width: 1 inch Length: 1.5 inches

 XS, #2: Width: 1 ¼ inch Length: 1 ¾ inches

 S, #3: Width: 1.5 inches Length: 2.0 inches

 M, #4: Width: 1 ¾ inches Length: 2.5 inches

 L, #5: Width: 2.0 inches Length: 2 ¾ inches

 XL, #6: Width: 2 ¼ inches Length: 3.0 inches

 XXL, #7: Width: 2.5 inches Length: 3.5 inches

 XXXL, #8: Width: 2 ¾ inches Length: 3 ¾ inches

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