• Ear Protector - Howling Dog Alaska
  • Ear Protector - Howling Dog Alaska

Howling Dog Enterprises

Ear Protector

$12.00 USD



This Ear Protector is a must for any dog that suffers from a chronic ear frost bite!  

The protector is suitable as an ear protection for any pet dog with very thin or cold sensitive ears. We have designed this Ear Protector to stay on the dog's head even while the dog is in motion. Owners of dogs with extremely long ears (such as Basset Hounds) also use our Ear Protector. The Ear Protector will keep the ears of such dogs in place while they are eating – therefore preventing the ears from getting wet in the dog food dish.

This product is made out of 4-way stretch, wind resistant fabric. Our Ear Protector was featured in the November/December 2011 Equipment Issue of Mushing Magazine.


Colors in stock vary.


Sizes: Measure the upper neck circumference (horizontally from below the chin).

  • XXS (5 - 15 lbs.), 9 - 10 inches (black color)
  • XS (16 - 30 lbs.), 11 - 12 inches (black color)
  • S (35 to 49 lbs.), 12 - 13 inches (white color)
  • M (50 - 65 lbs.), 14 - 16 inches (white color)
  • L (65 - 80 lbs.), 17 - 18 inches (white color)
  • XL (80+ lbs.), 19 - 22 inches (cream color)

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